Carly:What are those? (pointing to my scars on my wrist)
    Me:They're battle scars.
    Anna:Cool! Can I have some?
    Me:Please don't ever get some okay? But when you seem someone with them like the ones I have on their wrists go hug them. Don't ever make fun of them okay?
    As we're walking around Wal Mart with both of them holding my hands, a young girl walks by us. Carly and Anna go and hug her. She hugs these two adorable little girls back
    Girl:Why are you hugging me?
    Carly:You have battle scars. *points to her wrists*
    And through her tears she looks up at me and smiles.
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Anonymous: yeah i guess that makes sense.. keeping it as a memory. well glad u moved on from it. some girls dwell over their exes forever and just whine about wanting to get back together. i mean it seems like u really liked him and its too bad ur relationship/friendship didnt workout but i mean full speed ahead into new things right? 

Yeah… I was in love with him. I knew he love me too but I guess shit fucked him up that he couldn’t handle his life problems. Honestly I felt like our relationship was incomplete you know? but it’s whatever, his loss & yes, I agree with you, its time for me to just enjoy life freely and see what it has for me in the future.